No More Fear

Fear is an ugly beast that will run amok if you give in and surrender control. It’s crippling, suffocating, and incredibly debilitating.

Yesterday, fear threatened to consume me.

Lake Chelan, Manson Bay Marina,

It lurked in the shadows and followed me around the hospital as I went from appointment to appointment in hopes of determining whether or not the new lump in my breast was a cause for concern.

This wasn’t my first experience with breast lumps. I’ve been down this road before. Just last year, I discovered a lump in my breast – a benign tumor with cells that carried the potential to become cancerous. It was a ticking time bomb that was eradicated and surgically removed in time, thanks to early detection.

I was one of the lucky ones.

Or so I’d thought, until I discovered yet another lump in my breast.

Lump number three.

Yesterday I headed to the hospital – my day jam-packed with appointments – to identify, examine, and diagnose the new lump in my breast. My diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound went just as I expected – uncomfortable, but not excruciating. The waiting is usually the hardest part of the ordeal – the week or so following these tests. Waiting on the results of a mammogram and ultrasound is exhausting and stressful. Fear usually takes up residence during the wait.

But I’d have no wait this time around.

According to my doctor, the diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound revealed that new lump I discovered was, in fact, just scar tissue developing at the site of last year’s tumor removal.

No new tumor.

No surgery.

No sign of cancer.

No more fear.

Lake Chelan,

*I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words of support, encouragement, and prayers. It means so much to me to know that I’m not alone. I’d like to encourage you to perform your monthly breast self-exams. If you’re 40 or over, get those yearly mammograms as well. And if fear is holding you back from following up on a suspicious lump, push that fear aside and call your doctor today. 


  1. by Jannet on September 13, 2013  12:55 pm Reply

    Im so happy that it all came out great u will never be alone I will keep my candle lite another night and u are s awesome and talented mom your pics show this and though and even if I font know u personally I feel this my daughter had mastectomy 5 years ago I know the pain she was young and it was hard prayers keep her cancer free today but thr fear always there so we keep fighting for all women. Bless u you and yours I hope they know how special u are aloha aunt Jan

  2. by Lashawn on September 13, 2013  1:41 pm Reply

    I'm so happy!!! Yay!!

  3. by Juanita on September 13, 2013  1:42 pm Reply

    Wonderful news, so happy to hear this!

  4. by Susi on September 13, 2013  3:23 pm Reply

    Kristi, that's awesome news. I'm so happy that it was a positive outcome. Hugs.

  5. by Jo-Anna on September 13, 2013  6:09 pm Reply

    I'm SO happy for you! And I know exactly what you went through...I myself just got a clean bill of health after a long wait wondering if I had cancer. SO SO happy for you!

  6. by Alexia @ Babies & Bacon on September 13, 2013  6:12 pm Reply

    What a relief!! Thank you for again being so honest on this subject and sharing your story. ::happy dance::

  7. by Kia on September 14, 2013  6:39 am Reply

    So happy to hear the good news and that everyone's prayers for you have been answered.

  8. by Deanna@Snippets from Springdale on September 14, 2013  9:14 am Reply

    Oh I do know about that fear....I have gone thru 2 of these scares over the years and it never gets easy....getting those mammograms is the best fight against breast cancer. So delighted that your "lump" revealed nothing threatening. Hugs

  9. by Karen Peterson on September 14, 2013  2:36 pm Reply

    Hooray for you and your family; I was relieved for you all when I read this post.

  10. by Dagmar on September 17, 2013  10:35 pm Reply

    So relieved to read that you are okay, my friend. It's hard not to go crazy with fear. I had my mammogram a week ago and am okay as well, but the waiting is always anxiety producing.

  11. by Molly on September 18, 2013  3:57 am Reply

    Oh my what a heart stopping discovery that must have been. I am so glad that everything is OK


  12. by Dude Mom on September 18, 2013  3:59 am Reply

    So happy to hear this awesome. You know I love you hard.

  13. by Kimberly on September 18, 2013  6:23 am Reply

    So glad to hear that everything is well! What a relief.

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