FREE Photography Tips mini eBook {Nurture Photography Challenge Finale}

Bright blue skies,

Columbia River,


golden sunsets,



and countless hours spent playing outdoors… This is the stuff that memorable summers are made of!

Lana riding bike

As summer comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on some of the fun we’ve had – crafting,

Summer Activities for Kids: Homemade Journals

going on photo walks and

Photography Activities for Kids,

scavenger hunts,

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

trips to the farmer’s market,

Food Photography Tips,

and pool.

We’ve been flying kites,




eating popsicles

Kids eating popsicles,

strolling through town,

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

and splashing and twirling to our heart’s content.


Oh what a beautiful summer it’s been!


Over the past few weeks, Rebecca of Bumbles & Light and I have been sharing our photos in the summer edition of the Nurture Photography Challenge.  Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful summer memories and photos with us. You continue to inspire us with your creativity and talent each season.

To thank you for your participation, we’ve gathered the tips and tutorials shared throughout the season and compiled them into a FREE eBook just for you! Simply click on the image below to download for use on your computer or handheld devices.

Click to download your FREE Nurture Photography Tips & Tutorials eBook

Nurture Photography Challenge Summer Photography Tips eBook,


  1. by Tiaras & Tantrums on August 2, 2013  8:02 am Reply

    yes, how is it that summer is about over? I feel so cheated this summer with so much rain and clouds!

  2. by Robyn on August 2, 2013  8:08 am Reply

    Kristi, Thank You for hosting another fun photo challenge. I always enjoy your challenges, photos and tips.

    Looking forward to Nurture Photography Fall/Autumn.

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  4. by Amanda Jillian on August 2, 2013  12:32 pm Reply

    Such great photos this season! I love yours so much.

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  6. by Adrienne on August 2, 2013  10:37 pm Reply

    I have, once again, really enjoyed the nurture photog challenge! My favorite thing of yours summer is the scavenger hunt you went on with the kiddos - looks like you've had a creative crew this summer! I've been playing with silhouettes during my vacation here in OR and am enjoying the experimentation...and all your help!

  7. by Susi on August 3, 2013  9:12 am Reply

    Kristi, these images are gorgeous. Love the first two - what an amazing place to call home. I'm so sad that I didn't have time to join you for the summer challenge... But it's just been a crazy summer and photography took a bit of a back seat. I've been taking the camera out again more because I have missed it. I'm hoping to be back on track for fall and give it a go!!! Thanks for the e-book... it's been so great having all of your (and Rebecca's) tips and tricks handy. xx

  8. by Isabel on August 3, 2013  1:22 pm Reply

    Love your photos they are beautiful and the colors are so vivid. Thank you for your mini books I have them all I think the only one I don´t have is this one from Summer.

  9. by Mai on August 4, 2013  6:28 am Reply

    Wow, that's gorgeous! love the picture of the girl eating purdy! :) That's an awesome and fun summer!

  10. by Teresa on August 4, 2013  3:01 pm Reply

    It does look like you've had a beautiful summer! Thanks so much for hosting Nurture Photography.

  11. by Gina on August 7, 2013  6:50 am Reply

    Certainly has been a beautiful summer! I never thought I would enjoy summer again until we made the move. So blessed!

  12. by Chelsey on August 7, 2013  8:37 am Reply

    Those kite photos are BEAUtiful. Also: miss you.

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