Beautiful Nicole

There’s just something so incredibly beautiful about pregnant women. I don’t know if it’s that pregnancy glow, the fact they’re carrying a new life, or the curve of that gorgeous belly. Maybe it’s a collection of those things. I’m not sure.

Suffice it to say that whatever it is, the light and love that seems to emanate from an expecting mother is indescribably beautiful and intoxicating.

Maternity Session: Nicole

I spent a few hours photographing this amazing time in my sweet friend, Nicole’s life. Pregnancy certainly suits her!

Maternity Session: Nicole

Want to see more from Nicole’s maternity session? Click on over to my photography website for the complete collection photos from Nicole’s maternity shoot!


  1. by Rosey on July 23, 2013  3:59 pm Reply

    Very gorgeous, and you're right an expecting woman really does have that special happy glow.

  2. by Amy on July 23, 2013  4:37 pm Reply


  3. by Karly on July 23, 2013  4:38 pm Reply

    She is very gorgeous!

  4. by Ai Sakura on July 23, 2013  4:43 pm Reply

    she is really beautiful! :)

  5. by Serendipity is Sweet on July 23, 2013  7:14 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful mama! I loved being pregnant; it's such a unique time of life.

  6. by Terra Heck on July 23, 2013  9:16 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos! I agree, there's something about pregnancy that makes a woman even more beautiful.

  7. by Dagmar on July 23, 2013  10:09 pm Reply

    So beautiful! And I adore that dress, so cute.

  8. by Jade @ Tasting Grace on July 24, 2013  1:14 am Reply

    She looks so lovely, fresh, vibrant and vital! I hope her pregnancy progresses well. It's so nice you were able to capture her in this amazing part of her life!

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  10. by Run DMT on July 24, 2013  7:12 am Reply

    Gorgeous photos! You are so right. Pregnant women glow.

  11. by Gina on July 24, 2013  7:20 am Reply

    Beautiful indeed- well done my friend!

  12. by Alissa Apel on July 24, 2013  7:33 am Reply

    She is pretty! I love your photos!

  13. by Molly on July 24, 2013  8:02 am Reply

    Indeed it does, she looks absolutely beautiful


  14. by Susi on July 24, 2013  10:21 am Reply

    These are gorgeous. And you are right - there is something about a pregnant woman that's just luminous. :)

  15. by Chasing Joy on July 24, 2013  7:15 pm Reply

    Nice pictures. Very clear. She looks happy and serene.

  16. by Nina on July 25, 2013  7:28 am Reply

    Beautiful maternity photos, Kristi! She is beautiful, looking happy and content!

  17. by Bobby on October 25, 2016  7:13 pm Reply

    Je connaissais le Correcteur typographe de L.-E. Brossard, en deux tomes (et disponible sur Gallica), mais celui-ci m’était inconnu et je n’en trouve la référence précise nulle part… Où l&;zvuoraqes-vous donc déniché ?…

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