Blue/Freedom {Nurture Photography Challenge}

High atop a bluff somewhere between Chelan and Pateros, I found myself lost in the sweeping view. Fluffy clouds hung high as the Columbia River churned below. The scene before me was incredibly breathtaking.

Columbia River,

Shrubs and blossoms clung to the mountainside as gusts of wind teased them into a dance, delicately swaying the tiny buds to and fro.

Even the flowers were in awe of the gorgeous scene below. Washington never fails to disappoint.

As I stood there admiring the view a hang glider pulled up, unpacked his gear and simply walked off the mountainside.

The wind hoisted him high into the air and as he rode along its current, I found myself dreaming of flying up there on my own. No deadlines. No internet. Just me and the sky. I can only imagine the sense of freedom one must feel, soaring on the wind.


Fun Summer Activity for Kids: Photo Walks for Kids

Looking for a great summer activity that will inspire your child’s creativity? Grab your cameras and go on a photo walk!

Photography Activities for Kids, Photo Activities for Kids,

Maya and I share a passion for photography and we enjoy going on photo walks. It’s such a fun way to inspire her creativity while spending a little bit of quality time with her as well. We made a little trip into town on the Fourth of July, walking around and shooting as we were inspired.

I found lots of beauty and inspiration along the way, but I was enthralled with the way that Maya worked. In watching and shooting her from a distance I learned that she loves to get in close, has a passion for nature photography, and a great eye for finding bugs.

Tips for making your child’s photo walk a success:

  • beforehand, go over any safety rules you deem necessary (no standing in the road, respect the privacy of others)
  • allow your child to move at his own pace
  • talk about the subjects she chose to photograph
  • if age appropriate, share a few tips on getting proper focus and composition
  • turn your photo walk into a game by asking her to shoot objects that start with a certain letter, or create a photo scavenger hunt

Photography Activities for Kids,

Photography Activities for Kids,

Maya walked away with so many great images that afternoon and we did a couple of cool crafts with them. Like creating a little art gallery in the entryway of our home using sparkly ribbon and glittery clothespins.

Photography Activities for Kids,

Photography Activities for Kids,

Maya also created a beautiful collage and pasted a few photos in her summer journal, while writing little tidbits about our photo walk together.

Photography Activities for Kids,

Photography Activities for Kids,

Photography Activities for Kids,

I encourage you to get out there and explore the beauty of the world with your kids this summer. Bring your cameras along! There’s much to see and shoot!.


Nurture Photography Challenge - Summer 2013

Learn more about the Nurture Photography Challenge, my co-host Rebecca, and score our exclusive eBooks chock full of tips and tutorials.

Photography Tip of the Week: Rebecca’s sharing a few great tips on photography from a child’s perspective!


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    • by Kristi on July 5, 2013  7:15 am Reply

      Doesn't it? I thought I was in a dreamland. It was so beautiful and then some hang glider appeared out of nowhere! lol

  2. by Robyn on July 5, 2013  7:34 am Reply

    What is it about a brilliant bright blue sky, big puffy clouds and water that make a stunning scene? Beautiful captures, Kristi! Really makes you think twice about them meaning of "big sky country."

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  10:03 pm Reply

      Thank you so much, Robyn! :)

  3. by Danelle on July 5, 2013  9:25 am Reply

    Wow! What an incredible view....and how awesome to have a glider come along while you were there!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  10:02 pm Reply

      It was so awesome to have that hang glider just pop up out of nowhere! :)

  4. by Kirby on July 5, 2013  9:40 am Reply

    I'm so doing this with my biggest diva, the littlest is too little. She loves taking pictures with her digi-cam and asked me about my camera (Nikon D300) all the time, mostly if she can take pictures with it. The answer is no but i do have a rather old and pretty beat up D60 I was thinking of cleaning/fixing up a bit and gifting it to her when she's a little older (she's 4), but this would be a great way to teacher to use it and help her learn responsibility and respect for the camera and photography!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:50 pm Reply

      Your daughter is going to be the coolest kid on the blog with her D60 when she's old enough to start using it! That was my very first DSLR, believe it or not. :)

      • by Kirby on July 8, 2013  5:00 am Reply

        Mine too! It was good to me.

  5. by LaShawn on July 5, 2013  10:51 am Reply

    WOW WOW WOW at the view!! I love that you are going on photo walks with your daughter! I can't wait until I can go on photo walks with Pookah!!!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:47 pm Reply

      Thanks, LaShawn! My daughter and I are having so much fun going on these photo walks. :) I bet Pookah will love it too when he gets older!

  6. by saun on July 5, 2013  11:23 am Reply

    AWESOME!!!!!great shots I wish I had a little one to shoot pics with. Mine are all grown up

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:46 pm Reply

      Thanks, Saun! :)

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  8. by Anna-Leigh on July 5, 2013  3:38 pm Reply

    You live in some beautiful country side. It's so different from our terrain here in South Carolina. I've taken my daughter on a few photo excursions, and she loves it! I hope to make a photo book with her images at some point. Happy Summer!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:46 pm Reply

      Awww, thanks Anna-Leigh! I used to live in North Carolina so I kind of know what you're working with. :) Love your idea to make a photo book with your daughter's images! That such a great idea. :)

  9. by Molly on July 5, 2013  3:45 pm Reply

    You pictures are absolutely beautiful. The sky is such a stunningly rich blue colour.

    And YAY for the return of the Nurture challenge


    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:45 pm Reply

      Thanks so much, Molly! The sky was beautiful that day. Shooting with a filter really helped to preserve the blues too. :) So happy to have you with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

  10. by Berta Kamaunu on July 5, 2013  6:21 pm Reply

    That is so awesome Kris. I love that Maya has taken up a passion for something at an early age. Keep taking her with you and she will become an awesome photographer too. The next trip that I take over there you can bet I am expecting you to take me on those walks. It is so breath taking.

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:44 pm Reply

      Thanks! That river I posted photos of is not within walking distance, but I'll be sure to take you for a ride so you can look out and take some photos too. Maybe we'll get lucky and a hang glider will come along! :)

  11. by Susi on July 5, 2013  7:59 pm Reply

    Wow, just wow. The view is absolutely breathtaking. With every image you share I want to go visit Washington more and more. And I think, for our next photo walk I will let my girls take our point and shoot and take their own photos. Can't wait to link up. :)

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:43 pm Reply

      Thanks, Susi! You should totally come to Washington! You'd love it here! :)

      I hope your girls enjoy taking photos on your next photo walk! My 10yo just loves it!

  12. by alita on July 6, 2013  4:37 am Reply

    These captures are just incredible. Love LOVE LOOOVE the photo walk idea with the bambinos. I just know they will love that. Thanks! Also... I tried to add my link to the collection but it won't let me.

    :) Alita

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:39 pm Reply

      Thanks so much, Alita! I loved your photos from this week's prompt! I'm glad you love the kids' photo walk idea. Let me know how the kids like it when you take them out! :)

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:39 pm Reply

      Oh! Forgot to mention that your link was fixed on the linky. Have a great day!

  13. by Satakieli on July 6, 2013  7:10 am Reply

    So beautiful! Looks like you both had an awesome photo walk :)

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:37 pm Reply

      We did. She was so cute with her little point and shoot camera. It took everything I had in me not to squeal, "Awwwww! You're taking a photo of doggies?" lol

      • by Leidy on October 25, 2016  7:41 pm Reply

        Times are chnaigng for the better if I can get this online!

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  16. by Lish on July 6, 2013  6:19 pm Reply

    How cool to have a hang glider there just as you were snapping photos-so cool and totally screams freedom!!! Have a nice weekend!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:28 pm Reply

      Right?!? It was like the best surprise ever! Great day to have a hang glider just show up! lol

  17. by Barb on July 7, 2013  7:15 am Reply

    Love your images, Kristi! and thanks for hosting this challenge!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:26 pm Reply

      Thank you so much, Barb! I'm so happy to have you joining us for the Nurture Photography Challenge! Have a great day. :)

  18. by Nina on July 7, 2013  10:44 am Reply

    A feeling of great freedom, solitude and unconnectedness is so welcome to us ... we need a place to breathe! The photowalk is a lovely idea - and journalizing the founds afterwards!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:21 pm Reply

      You're so right. We all need a place to breathe!

    • by Kristi on July 7, 2013  9:18 pm Reply

      Thanks, Kristy! :)

    • by Kristi on July 8, 2013  9:33 am Reply

      Thank you so much! I loved your photos! :)

  19. by Melodye on July 10, 2013  9:36 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for this lovely post--inspiration for all of us, as we sling our cameras around our necks and go exploring...

    Here's my entry for Week 1 of your Summer Challenge. I chose Blue as my theme in Tuesday's blog post, Blue on Blue:

  20. by Janice on July 11, 2013  5:23 pm Reply

    I was late to the party, but I'll just link last week's post to tomorrow's linky. So, I'll have two for tomorrow. I hope that's okay?

    Love the blues in your photos. Makes me totally miss the open fields and skies of provinces in the Philippines!

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