Vintage-Inspired Journal Tutorial

The kids and I have been busying ourselves with a few summer crafts. I’m determined to encourage their creativity over the summer. We’ve been drawing, painting, creating little origami animals, and making journals to record our fun summer adventures in.

Summer Activities for Kids: Homemade Journals

The girls decorated their journals using the supplies we’d gathered – markers, colorful paper, glittery stickers, and glitter glue. So much fun! Art supplies in hand, the girls bent over their craft projects, pouring all the love, glitter, and personal flair they could muster into transforming their boring composition books into fun, personal journals.



Summer Activities for Kids: Homemade Journals

I had some fun of my own by creating a little journal for myself. I want to join the girls in recording our summer adventures.

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DIY Vintage-Inspired Journal

Creating your own vintage-inspired journal is super easy and fun. You’ll need a few scraps of fabric, magazine clippings, and textured paper.

vintage journal, how to create your own journal, vintage journal tutorial,

Bind textured sheets of paper to create pages for your journal, or make your own tea stained paper with the help of my easy-to-follow tutorial. Use scraps of fabric or magazine clippings to create a fun collage cover. Make the journal your own Рchoose textures and patterns that reflect your personal style.

vintage journal, how to create your own journal, vintage journal tutorial,

vintage journal, how to create your own journal, vintage journal tutorial,

I’ll be recording our summer adventures along with my girls in my new vintage-inspired summer journal. Between family outings, personal craft projects, and the Nurture Photography Challenge, we’ll have lots to fill our pages with this summer.

Looking for more DIY journal inspiration? Stop by Bumbles and Light where Rebecca is sharing her simple and elegant journal tutorial. You’re going to fall head-over-heels when you see her journal!


  1. by Jenny on June 28, 2013  10:16 am Reply

    it's so cool and pretty :D i need to make me of these to sit around the house and make it's rounds xD i'd adore it too much to actually use it.

    • by Kristi on June 28, 2013  11:36 am Reply

      Thanks, Jenny! :) I'm afraid to write in mine, but I'm going to force myself to! lol

    • by Kristi on June 28, 2013  8:14 pm Reply

      Thanks! :)

  2. by Nina on June 29, 2013  1:48 pm Reply

    That is a lovely journal, you've made, Kristi! I have loads of magazines to use for this journal cover, and will make the tea-stained papers to it - maybe to glue some Photos from the coming Summer Nurture Challenge :-)

    • by Kristi on July 2, 2013  9:04 am Reply

      Thanks! I'd love to see your journal if you decide to share on the blog! And using it with the Nurture Photography Challenge? Even better! :)

  3. by Janice on June 29, 2013  7:55 pm Reply

    Love this! Hope to catch you at BlogHer if you are going.

    • by Kristi on July 2, 2013  9:03 am Reply

      Thanks, Janice! How are you? Unfortunately, I'm not going BlogHer this year. :( I'm so bummed too because I'd really love to go to Chicago!

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    • by Kristi on July 2, 2013  9:05 am Reply

      Thank you so much, Kristy! :)

  5. by Shenali on July 4, 2013  12:36 am Reply

    I love this idea but how would you go about binding the papers? and how much paper should we use? and did you use normal paper or some sort of cardboard for the cover?

    • by Kristi on July 4, 2013  1:00 pm Reply

      Hi Shenali! I bound the pages with staples because I was completely lazy. You can totally sew them if you'd like, though. I also used a thicker card stock for my cover, though you could easily use regular copy paper. And for my journal I used 16 pages. You can use as many as you'd like. :)

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