Beautiful, Breathtaking Echo Ridge Trail

My phone can’t get a signal. I can’t receive calls. But, the view is breathtaking from up here.

Echo Ridge Valley,

A cloud of dust trailed our SUV as we drove along Echo Ridge. The gravel road wound up, down and around the mountain, affording us beautiful views of Lake Chelan. What was supposed to be a quick photography scouting trip, quickly turned into a fun impromptu family hike. By the time we pulled into the trailhead parking lot, we couldn’t wait to jump out and explore the trails.

Echo Ridge Valley,

We set off on an easy trail, guided by nothing more than our curiosity and appreciation for nature.

Echo Ridge Valley,

Canon the Big Red Pup ran wildly through the grass and wildflowers, and busied herself with her new surroundings. Run. Stop. Sniff. Repeat.

Echo Ridge Valley,

The girls collected treasures, stopping every few feet or so to admire the flowers and pine cones that peppered the trail.

Echo Ridge Valley,

It’s peaceful up here on Echo Ridge. Beautiful. Inspiring. Uncomplicated, even. No traffic. No internet. No looming deadlines. Just me and my family connecting with nature and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Echo Ridge Valley,

Echo Ridge Valley,

Echo Ridge Valley,

Echo Ridge Valley,

Our impromptu hiking trip proved to be a fun little family adventure. We can’t wait to escape and trade our busy days at home for more day hikes as a family at Echo Ridge this summer.

Echo Ridge Valley,


  1. by Julia Shanon on June 20, 2013  9:26 pm Reply

    Hi Kristy, do you know what is the race of that big red pup? Is that yours? Seems like a little bit of Fox to me..

    • by Kristi on June 20, 2013  9:31 pm Reply

      Hi Julia! She's an Australian Shepherd and she's our family dog. Definitely not a fox. ;)

    • by Kristi on June 21, 2013  10:00 am Reply

      Yup. Hello Kitty. lol You'd be thrilled to hear that she's walking around the house in poodle pajamas and pink gloves right now. Haha!

  2. by Diane on June 21, 2013  8:12 am Reply

    Beautiful pics as usual. I am in love with your subjects, (aka Dog, and children) :) We will be traveling next week to the east coast. Myrtle Beach to be exact. I know my pictures won't even half way compare to yours ( as I use my I-Phone, remember) but I hope I can get some great ones. Never been to Myrtle Beach, so we will just have to wait and see what I see. :) Keep on hiking...looks like the family really enjoys it.

    • by Kristi on June 21, 2013  10:02 am Reply

      You can totally take great photos with your iPhone! Do you use any editing apps? I love Snapseed and Pic-Tap-Go! Myrtle Beach sounds like so much fun! Just announced our summer photo challenge. I'd love for you to join us and share your vacation pics too!

  3. by Susi on June 22, 2013  7:02 am Reply

    The view is breathtaking. I miss going for hikes like this... Enjoy!!!

  4. by Stephanie on August 16, 2013  11:09 am Reply

    Great pictures sounds like a fun adventure. Summer is almost over but I'm hoping we can get some touring done around the area. We've been in DC for a year and haven't seen much yet.

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