I’ve Died and Gone to Burrito Heaven

Hungry? How about some tacos?

Taqueira's Morelia,

Let’s drizzle a little bit of salsa verde on them, shall we?

Taqueira's Morelia,

Go ahead, take a bite.

Taqueira's Morelia,

Mmm… Good, right?

I’ve died and gone to taco and burrito heaven at Taqueira’s Morelia – one of the cute little taco trucks pumping out delicious Mexican fare out here in Lake Chelan.

Taqueira's Morelia,

Fast, fresh, made to order food and seriously cheap too. $5 for a taco plate? $7 for a super burrito? Um. Yes, please.

Taqueira’s Morelia is a big hit with our family. My picky 10-year old is all about the quesadilla. Per her request: No meat. No sauce. Just cheese. Go figure.

Taqueira's Morelia,

But the rest of our family? We’re a little more adventurous. We’re in love with the super burrito. It’s jam packed with all kinds of yummy, mouth-watering goodness that makes my belly happy.

Taqueira's Morelia,

Smothered in salsa verde, salsa roja or devoured straight up. It doesn’t really matter.

Taqueira's Morelia,

Spicy or not, that burrito has a one-way ticket straight into my belly.

Taqueira's Morelia,

Who’s up for another burrito?


  1. by Yolanda Ronaldo on June 10, 2013  7:28 am Reply

    YUM. This looks so so good. I was actually just saying on Friday that I really want to go to a taco truck and get some amazing tacos. Delicious post!

  2. by Ashley T on June 10, 2013  10:46 am Reply

    OMG thos look so delicious! I might have to stop and get a taco from our local truck on the way home :) Yum!

  3. by Susi on June 10, 2013  6:54 pm Reply

    That looks super delicious. We just had a Tijuana Flats open in my neighborhood and it is so so good. Actually, had it for dinner tonight. :)

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