This “Growing Up” Thing

Back in 1995 my days were filled to the brim with diapers, onesies, late night feedings and the sound of giggling babes. My life is profoundly different these days – just as wonderful, challenging and altogether consuming, but beautiful nonetheless. Somehow, somewhere between what seemed like yesterday and today, my children traded footed pajamas and play clothes for tuxedos and gowns.

Prom 2013

Prom 2013

Prom 2013

Andre and Alyssa recently attended their high school prom. Eighteen and fifteen, respectively, they each had their own dates, but I couldn’t help snapping a photo of them together.

Andre and Alyssa

It’s all happening too fast, this whole…growing up thing.

Prom 2013

Prom 2013

They just don’t need mom as much as they used to. Though bittersweet, it’s a beautiful thing and I know that they’ll be okay. They’re smart and strong,

Prom 2013

self-sufficient and independent.

Prom 2013

And well, we’ll never ever be too far away. This precious thing called childhood is quickly morphing into adulthood, but the strong family bonds we’ve made will never change. There will always be love. We’ll always be here, each one of us for the other.

Prom 2013

This growing up thing is hard on a mom, but it’s oh so beautifully bittersweet.

Prom 2013


  1. by Adrienne on May 22, 2013  11:24 am Reply

    These are beautiful true it is - beautifully bittersweet. My oldest is married and the youngest finished college last year - they are strong, independent...wonderful! My husband and I have settled easily into "us"... the transition wasn't nearly as hard as I had anticipated - but the nostalgia aches do come prancing around every once in a while!

  2. by Serendipity is Sweet on May 22, 2013  11:43 am Reply

    Beautiful images! You have done a great job mama! The love with endure for sure :)

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:30 am Reply

      Oh, thank you so much! Yes, the love will definitely endure... :)

  3. by Mindi on May 22, 2013  6:39 pm Reply

    So wonderfully put Kristi! You have me tearing up as I imagine my boys attending their prom...big and grown. It's sad it all goes by much too quickly.

  4. by Kirby on May 23, 2013  8:06 am Reply

    Oh I am crying just thinking this is me in just 10-12 years. You have beautiful children.

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:44 am Reply

      Oh, thank you! They are pretty cute, aren't they? ;) You are totally not alone! I have 2 younger children as well, one of them being 4-years old, so I'll be doing this all over again. Lots of tears in my future! lol

  5. by Susi on May 23, 2013  8:33 am Reply

    Beautiful shots. I see this "growing up" thing more and more lately and as much as I want to stop time, I know, it has to happen. But it is bittersweet.

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:46 am Reply

      I wish I could stop time, too. Or at least slow it down a little! Maybe hit the pause button every now and then? lol It is so bittersweet, isn't it?

  6. by Mitzi on May 23, 2013  9:01 am Reply

    Get the tissue out is right my friend. I remember those bittersweet memories all too well. Unfortunately, as the cycle of life continues, I experience them all over again as the grandchildren are growing up far too fast! (Something you do not know yet). But as with all things in life, there is so much joy in those moments that turn into years...but still, they remain bittersweet. Beautiful children and I know you are definitely a proud mom. Big hugs, xoxo

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:47 am Reply

      Awwww! I'm curious about how my parents will handle this growing up thing as well. I'll have to take notes. :)

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:47 am Reply

      Oh Andi, you are too sweet! Thank you. :)

  7. by Michelle on May 23, 2013  10:04 am Reply

    YES. A resounding YES.
    Beautifully said.
    We are just beginning teendom here, oldest being 13.
    It so far is strange territory. Lots of letting go and pushing and pulling.
    I think there may be just about the same amount of embracing needed now than when she was a baby.

  8. by Nina on May 24, 2013  11:27 am Reply

    Such a lovely post, Kristi - filled with thoughtful words from the heart, and beautifully captures images of your soon to be aldult-sweethearts! I was wondering if you could link this post up on our Mothly Blog Hop, where the theme in May is Motherhood? You find the blog hop by following the link below:

    Nina, xx

  9. by Terri Scheriff Thompson on May 25, 2013  8:54 am Reply

    Finally. And in between tears right now I just want to tell you, your children are absolutely beautiful. (Yes, boys can be beautiful too) And, it looks like someday they will give you beautiful Grandbabies.....there, now you can feel as old as I do.

  10. by Amanda Jillian on June 12, 2013  8:53 am Reply

    It happens way too fast! I hate the growing up thing as much as I love it.

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