Take a Hike: Echo Ridge Trail

We’re fortunate to be surrounded by so much natural beauty here in Lake Chelan, Washington.

Echo Ridge Trail, lake chelan,

We’re making an effort to get out there and really explore our still-new surroundings. This past weekend, we ventured out to Echo Ridge for a short hike. The weather was mild and the views were spectacular.

Echo Ridge Trail, lake chelan,

Canon stretched her legs, and ran wild and free.

Echo Ridge Trail, lake chelan,

The kids picked up a few treasures along the way – flowers, sticks, pine cones,

Echo Ridge Trail, lake chelan,

and a little dusting of pollen on their noses.

Echo Ridge Trail, lake chelan,


  1. by Amy on May 21, 2013  10:03 pm Reply

    So beautiful!

  2. by Ewa on May 21, 2013  10:40 pm Reply

    What a landscape!! And your kids are just so beautiful!

  3. by Verena on May 22, 2013  2:03 am Reply

    Wow, this is such a beautiful area you live in!

  4. by alicia on May 22, 2013  3:56 am Reply

    Looks like fun! I'm a little jealous how close those gorgeous mountains are! ;)

  5. by Dagmar on May 22, 2013  5:41 am Reply

    Wow, the shadows on the land in the first picture - stunning. Cute kids and dog :)

  6. by Stacy Uncorked on May 22, 2013  6:10 am Reply

    Ohhhhhh! Awesome shots! I cannot WAIT to get back to Washington State for good this summer! :)

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  8. by Mitzi on May 22, 2013  6:13 am Reply

    These are all such wonderful photos and of course you have captured each and every one of them in the best way! Cannon was very lucky to be able to romp around freely and that landscape is simply stunning. Happy Wednesday my friend..xoxo

  9. by Gina on May 22, 2013  6:48 am Reply

    Beautiful Kristi- just beautiful! We had a similar outing over the weekend. Isn't it lovely here??!! :)

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  11. by Susi on May 22, 2013  9:20 am Reply

    It looks absolutely stunning. When can I come visit? :)

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  13. by Judy Haughton-James on May 22, 2013  2:15 pm Reply

    Wow! Breathtaking scenes. Beautiful shots Kristi! Thanks for hosting.

  14. by Mindi on May 22, 2013  6:41 pm Reply

    Washington State is a place I would like to visit at some point. So pretty!!

  15. by Kathy Morelli,LPC on May 24, 2013  12:15 pm Reply

    Wow! Such a beautiful place! You are blessed! And I LOVE the new look of your blog!

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