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Nurture Photography Challenge

That glorious time of year when new life bursts forth, covering the earth in a blanket of beautiful blossoms.

Ivory/Dream {Nurture Photography}

Our first spring here in Lake Chelan has been one of indescribable beauty.

Ivory/Dream {Nurture Photography}

Even on the gloomiest of days.



Thanks so much for joining me and my Nurture Photography Challenge co-hosts, Rebecca and Alicia, in celebrating the beauty of spring through photography. We work very hard behind the scenes each season. Seeing your little corner of our world through your camera lens makes it all so very rewarding. You inspire us with your creativity and talent.

To thank you for your participation, we’ve compiled the tips and tutorials shared throughout the season in a free, downloadable eBook. Simply click on the image below to begin your download and stay tuned this summer for even more photo challenge fun! It’s available in PDF format for use on your computer or handheld devices.

Click to download your free Nurture Photography Tips & Tutorials eBook!

Nurture Photography Tips & Tutorials eBook - Spring 2013


  1. by alita on May 17, 2013  7:21 am Reply

    Le sigh- That butterfly capture and the colors- perfection! I love that shot.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:09 am Reply

      Thanks, Alita! I love the butterfly shot too. :)

  2. by Adrienne on May 17, 2013  7:27 am Reply

    These are all so lovely. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love these challenges, appreciate your tutorials sooooo much and love looking at all the beauty captured from all over!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:10 am Reply

      Oh I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photo challenge and tutorial! We'll be back again this summer so come back and join us again! :)

  3. by Susi on May 17, 2013  8:01 am Reply

    Sigh. I've loved seeing all your Spring pics --- the one of the lake is just so peaceful and stunning. Thanks for having me along! :)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:10 am Reply

      Aww, thanks Susi! The lake really is so peaceful and stunning. I just love it here. :)

  4. by Molly on May 17, 2013  8:24 am Reply

    Oh yes spring has been a blast of colour and joyful photography. I shall miss my Friday's here. I hope you return soon with a summer one and then who knows what next!? I do love these challenges! Thank you for all your hard work in bring this great project together again


    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:19 am Reply

      A blast of colour and joyful photography. I love that! Thanks so much for joining us. It means so much to me that you enjoyed our photo challenge. We'll be back this summer, so no worries there! Can't wait to see your summer photos. :)

  5. by Mitzi on May 17, 2013  9:25 am Reply

    This was so much fun. I hate that I jumped in a bit late...but I really enjoyed it and seeing everyone's work too. It was a wonderful & successful challenge! Happy Weekend to you.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:20 am Reply

      Oh I'm so glad you joined us, Mitzi! I hope you'll come back and join us again this summer. :)

  6. by Teresa on May 17, 2013  11:01 am Reply

    I've really enjoyed your beautiful spring! Thanks so much for the tips and tricks!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:20 am Reply

      Thanks so much, Teresa! :)

  7. by Marla on May 17, 2013  12:52 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures!

    Marla @

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:21 am Reply

      Thank you, Marla! Have a great day!

  8. by pieni lintu on May 17, 2013  2:05 pm Reply

    Aww - those pink flowers are very pretty <3

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:29 am Reply

      Thank you so much! I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. Your work is gorgeous. :)

  9. by Shana D on May 17, 2013  2:43 pm Reply

    Oh my wow, I love that photo of the butterfly. I've never been able to catch a picture of a butterfly.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:36 am Reply

      Thanks, Shana! It was a little tricky. lol

  10. by Andrea on May 17, 2013  4:15 pm Reply

    This has been so much fun, Thanks so much for hosting. I am looking forward to the next one. You photos are wonderful as always.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:36 am Reply

      Thanks, Andrea! I hope you'll join us for our summer photo challenge! :)

  11. by Robyn on May 17, 2013  4:51 pm Reply

    Thank You for co-hosting the Spring Nurture Challenge and sharing the beauty of Lake Chelan with all of us, Kristi!

    Hope things are going well for you and your family.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:37 am Reply

      Thanks, Robyn. I really do love it here. I can't wait to see what it's like this summer! Hope you'll come back and join us again in the Nurture Photography Challenge this summer. Have a great day! :)

  12. by Janice on May 18, 2013  1:09 am Reply

    Your photos make me want to leave the house and travel! I seriously wish I could. I love the dreamy style of these. I think my favorite though is the first one (cherry blossoms?).

    Thanks for hosting this challenge. It's also made me want to learn more about photography and how to use my dslr to take better photos. I can't wait for the next challenge!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:39 am Reply

      Thank you so much, Janice! Yes, those were cherry blossoms in the first photo. They were so pretty. I didn't want them to leave. lol I'm excited about the summer photo challenge too! Can't wait for you all to join us again. :)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:39 am Reply

      Oh Andi, you're so sweet. Thank you! :)

  13. by Amanda Jillian on May 18, 2013  3:38 pm Reply

    Good bye Spring, hello Spring, then soon to be Autumn!!!!!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:38 am Reply

      Oh I cannot wait for summer! Sleeping in, lazing around, hanging out with the kids... *sigh*

      • by Amanda Jillian on May 22, 2013  3:08 pm Reply

        I don't get that whole sleeping in thing but I want to do a beach trip.

        • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:33 am Reply

          I pretty much live for the sleeping in thing. ;)

          • by Amanda Jillian on June 12, 2013  8:46 am Reply

            my kids are early birds so I don't get to sleep in.

  14. by Tish on May 19, 2013  5:27 pm Reply

    absolutely beautiful spring photos. they truly capture spring at its best!! your new hometown, Lake Chelan is just beautiful!! thank you for all your time and hard work you put into each one of these challenges! you, Rebecca and Alicia have been such an inspiration and really help me get to where I am today in the photography/blogging world. thanks for all the tips and tutorials, there is so much to learn and perfect!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:40 am Reply

      Thanks, Tish! We just love Lake Chelan and I love hosting these photo challenges too! I hope you'll be back to join us this summer. :)

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  16. by Verena on May 21, 2013  12:50 pm Reply

    Wow, I´m so impressed by your photo skills! These photos are just perfect and so beautiful!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:40 am Reply

      Thank you so much, Verena! You're so sweet. :)

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  18. by deborah on May 22, 2013  1:15 am Reply

    Such gorgeous images!! Your Lake Chelan is without a doubt, beautiful!! Just found this challenge on Alicia's site, and entered ... if only I had found it sooner! Enjoying all the entries I've seen so far, and I'll look forward to future challenges! Thanks for hosting! :)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2013  11:41 am Reply

      Oh, thank you so much Deborah! We love it out here in Lake Chelan. I'm looking forward to sharing photos from around the lake this summer. No worries on missing the first part of our photo challenge. We'll be back this summer with more! :)

  19. by Nina on May 22, 2013  4:27 pm Reply

    Such a beautiful spring with flowers, butterflies and lovely surooundings You've had! Thank you for arranging the Nurture Spring Challenge - I wouldn't have been that much out with my camera without it!

    • by Kristi on May 23, 2013  9:35 am Reply

      Thanks, Nina! We're so happy to have had you join us this spring. :) Loved your birch tree pics! So many great textures!

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