White/Minimalism {Nuture Photography Challenge}

I’ve been sick for the past several days, lying in bed with the flu. Being sick is a very lonely ordeal. Curled up under the covers, I watch shadows dance across the room as the sun slowly makes its journey toward day’s end. As the afternoon light wraps itself around the inner walls of the recessed skylights in our home, I drift off to a faraway land.


A land of shadows and light, sharp angles and lines, and a deep blue sky filled with hope for healing.



Nurture Photography Challenge

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Photography Tip of the Week: Stop by Bumbles & Light today for Rebecca’s tips on using negative space to add drama, create interest and make your images more thought provoking.


  1. by Gina on February 8, 2013  7:13 am Reply

    Oh no- so sorry to hear that. Praying you feel better soon. Hugs!!!

  2. by Tish on February 8, 2013  8:12 am Reply

    I'm so sorry to hear you've been down with the flu. I hope you are on the mend and feel better soon!! How nice to be able to have that beautiful light shine down on you through the skylight and be able to see the blue sky.

  3. by Jenny on February 8, 2013  9:19 am Reply

    Aww that sucks being sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. by Tiaras & Tantrums on February 8, 2013  10:03 am Reply

    oh these are great - I just wish I had more time this week and no sick kids. I am going to have to go back and revisit this challenge!

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  6. by Katherine on February 8, 2013  2:24 pm Reply

    Aw feel better soon!

  7. by Anne U on February 8, 2013  2:58 pm Reply

    Sorry you're sick, feel better.

  8. by Robyn on February 9, 2013  5:11 am Reply

    Feel better soon, Kristi!

  9. by Adrienne on February 9, 2013  8:26 am Reply

    Well wishes - and thanks so much for hosting! LOVE that you chose to show us what you're seeing now in keeping with the theme....very inspiring.

  10. by MG Atwood on February 9, 2013  10:07 am Reply

    Hope you are feeling better! More Hawaii to lift your spirits. That's what this dr. orders.

  11. by Dawn on February 9, 2013  3:09 pm Reply

    So sorry you're down! Hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

  12. by Lisa @ {4}SLP on February 10, 2013  9:07 am Reply

    hope you are better and back on your feet.... great prompt this week, I had fun jumping out of the box... the bike is flying now :)

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  14. by Amarie on February 13, 2013  10:02 am Reply

    Feel better soon! :)

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