Photography Tutorial: Adding a Hazy Effect to Your Photos

I’m so excited to have my friend Kim Young guest posting here at Live and Love Out Loud today. She’s a talented photographer, beautiful person inside and out and she’s the US distributor for SHUTTER|bag – my personal camera bag of choice.

Kim is sharing a quick and easy tutorial on creating a hazy effect for your photos. You’ll love how easy it is to achieve this effect without the help of actions and presets.

How to Add a Hazy Effect to Your Photos

adding haze in photoshop,

The haze look for photos is very popular right now. It gives your images a more vintage feel or even a film look. Many photographers and Photoshop action makers are including this neat effect in their sets.

But what if you don’t want to pay for action sets? What if you’d prefer to learn how to create it on your own?

Here’s my method for adding haze to my photos when I want.

First, edit your photo to your liking. I recommend adding a haze as the last step because some manipulations will affect the haze and make your photo look splotchy. You can add haze to a color image or a black and white.

Here is my completely edited image, before the haze.

adding haze in photoshop,

Next, go to your adjustments panel on the right side of your screen. Click on the Exposure Adjustment Layer. It looks like this. (It looks similar in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.)

Adj Panel

The Adjustment Panel will open and it’ll look like this.

Exp Adj

Click on the Offset adjustment button and drag it to the right very slightly. I usually keep mine around +0.0131 to +0.0201, but it really is all up to you and your style or the effect you want on that specific photo.

Slide Offset

If the effect is too strong for your liking, I recommend adjusting the Opacity level since the Offset option doesn’t give a lot of wiggle room.

Adj opacity

Finally, flatten your photo and you’re all set. You have a hazy edit.

adding haze in photoshop,

Here’s the before and after so you can see the slight difference. How much or how little you use is up to you. You now have the knowledge to control this yourself.

adding haze in photoshop,

Do you like adding a hazy effect to your photos? What are some of your favorite editing styles?


adding haze in photoshop,

Kim Young loves her family, her Nikon, and her mommy blogger roots. Without the support of the blogging community she would have never had the courage to pursue her photography passion which ended up becoming the path to her camera bag business. Moms with cameras rock!

Find Kim on her blog, Mom Tried It

Connect with her on Twitter: @SHUTTERbagUSA

And check out her gorgeous SHUTTER|bag camera bags. I’m in seriously in love with its style and durability.


  1. by Jenny on February 7, 2013  8:58 am Reply

    very cool :D i have PSE so i kinda have to do everything like this with uh... adjustment layers? think that's what they're called. awesome tutorial though! must show this to my friend.

  2. by MG Atwood on February 7, 2013  10:37 am Reply

    Very nice, and you do a fabulous job of explaining things. If you're homesick, head over to my blog for some love from HI.

  3. by Serendipity is Sweet on February 7, 2013  8:06 pm Reply

    Love Kim, love hazy film-like images and love this post!
    Thanks for the tips. I did not know how to do it that way. Awesome.

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