Home, Finally

The last three months have been an amazing adventure – one filled with excitement, uncertainty and change. We tackled a cross country move from Missouri to Washington and embarked on an epic road trip adventure with four kids and pup. Following our arrival in Washington, we moved into a hotel – a hotel that would become our home for 11 long weeks as we feverishly searched for a new home. Who knew that finding a home would prove to be so difficult? I sure didn’t.

The last three months have been incredibly stressful, but I’m so excited to share that we’re finally home.


Where roots are firmly planted, memories are made and where laughter and love come to live.

I’ve kicked off my red Converses and calling Lake Chelan home. I’m so happy to finally be settling in.


  1. by Pamela Gold on January 29, 2013  11:26 am Reply

    I am super excited for you and your family! I look forward to the many photos to come of you all getting settled and making your home, home.

  2. by Dagmar on January 29, 2013  3:23 pm Reply

    Wonderful to hear, welcome home! We had that same helicopter toy :)

  3. by Sarah on January 29, 2013  5:24 pm Reply

    YAY!! So glad you are getting settled.

  4. by The Mommy on January 29, 2013  5:53 pm Reply

    YAY!!! I'm so glad you have a place to call home. I haven't been online much the last several weeks but you've been on my mind this whole time. Prayers that you are unpacked and settled quickly!

  5. by Annie @ Mama Dweeb on January 29, 2013  6:12 pm Reply

    Welcome home!! And take all the time you need to get unpacked and settled. I am here when you return :)

  6. by Tabitha Blue on January 29, 2013  7:01 pm Reply

    YAY!!! So exciting! What an amazing feeling to finally be HOME!! :)


  7. by alicia on January 29, 2013  7:12 pm Reply

    So happy you have a place to call home! Good luck getting settled in! ;)

  8. by Kimberly on January 29, 2013  7:25 pm Reply

    Glad you finally found a place to call home!

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  10. by Cori on January 29, 2013  8:08 pm Reply

    Welcome home, Kristi!! Still waiting for you to come visit :)

  11. by Karen @ Time Crafted on January 29, 2013  10:32 pm Reply

    Congratulations!! I lived in Washington as a li'l girl - the Northwest is beautiful. Hope you enjoy it after you are able to catch a breath and get out from under all the boxes. (Unpacking is the pits.) Wishing you the best in your new home! :>

  12. by Jennifer on January 29, 2013  11:56 pm Reply

    So, so happy for you and your family! I'm sure it's amazing for you all to finally stretch out! :-) Good luck with the unpacking!

  13. by Molly on January 30, 2013  12:37 am Reply

    Yay for finally being home... I don't envy you the unpacking though!


  14. by Nancy on January 30, 2013  2:51 am Reply

    *whew!* Moving is never fun -- so glad you are settled now. :)

  15. by Verena on January 30, 2013  2:51 am Reply

    Oh, I´m so happy for you, Kristi! What a relieve it must be to finally get out of the hotel and have a home again with more space for all of you! Good luck with unpacking! I know how it is. ;)
    Much love,

  16. by Mindi Stavish on January 30, 2013  6:16 am Reply

    Welcome home! Good luck getting settled! :)

  17. by Stacy Uncorked on January 30, 2013  6:16 am Reply

    Welcome HOME. :) I can't wait for my return to WA! :) Have fun unpacking - that's the only part of moving I like, the unpacking and getting everything in its place. ;)

  18. by Gina on January 30, 2013  6:41 am Reply

    Congrats!!!! So very happy to hear that. Blessings!!!

  19. by Satakieli on January 30, 2013  7:00 am Reply

    Wonderful :) Good luck with all the unpacking!

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  21. by just JENNIFER on January 30, 2013  8:00 am Reply

    Welcome to Washington! My photo today is of one of the Cascade mountains directly east of me.

  22. by Diane on January 30, 2013  8:07 am Reply

    So excited for you and your family. Lots of places and things to explore. Can't wait to see what you snap a shot at. Those shoes are ready for new adventures!!!! Congrats!

  23. by Lolli @ Better in Bulk on January 30, 2013  8:14 am Reply

    I am so happy that you are finally in a HOME. Have fun getting settled.

  24. by Kristy Life-n-Reflection on January 30, 2013  8:59 am Reply

    I'm so happy for you and your family! We're are about to move ourselves across 4 state lines from the Southwest to the COLD North! But, I wouldn't have it any other way. We are so grateful to be moving near our family.

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  26. by Shana Dieli on January 30, 2013  12:27 pm Reply

    Congratulations on the new house!

  27. by mommy baum on January 30, 2013  12:42 pm Reply

    thanks for hosting ;) love that photo.....cute kiddo playing in the doorway!

  28. by Susi on January 30, 2013  4:02 pm Reply

    Kristi, I'm so happy for you and your family to have finally found a new home for all of you! And Canon is a beauty. I love his coloring! Looks like he has some Shepherd in him.

  29. by Sheena on January 31, 2013  3:56 pm Reply

    Congrats on your new home!! You must be pooped!

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