Lake Chelan Winterfest Fire & Ice: Fire Breathing Clown

Winterfest fun came to Lake Chelan. There were wine tastings, chili cook-offs, the polar bear plunge, an ice lounge.

And a fire breathing clown, of course.

Lake Chelan Lantern Festival

The kids were in awe.

Lake Chelan Winterfest

But I was a little bit nervous. I’d just sprayed a thick layer of hair spray on my ‘do. I walked away that night with all of my hair in tact, but the clown had a really close call.

Lake Chelan Lantern Festival

I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Lake Chelan Lantern Festival


  1. by Verena on January 22, 2013  3:18 pm Reply

    Oh what a fun night!

  2. by Teresa on January 22, 2013  4:08 pm Reply

    That is just amazingly scary! I'm looking forward to the winter challenge!

  3. by alicia on January 22, 2013  5:15 pm Reply

    Wow! That's nuts. You captured it well though. I must admit, I'm a bit intimidated by low light photography. I much prefer light. ;)

  4. by Amy on January 22, 2013  5:57 pm Reply

    Wow! Super cool!

  5. by Tabitha Blue on January 22, 2013  5:59 pm Reply

    Wow, so cool!! I think I'd be just a little nervous too! :)


  6. by Joyce on January 22, 2013  6:10 pm Reply

    Good thing he didn't catch the place on fire.

  7. by Robyn on January 22, 2013  6:33 pm Reply

    Wine tasting and Chili cook-off ... sign me up! Sounds like a fun festival.

  8. by Lolli @ Better in Bulk on January 22, 2013  7:20 pm Reply

    Such cool shots! I think a clown breathing fire would terrify my kids! But he sure did make a great subject for pictures!

  9. by Brandie on January 22, 2013  7:52 pm Reply

    Those are some really awesome pictures. I love it. I would be in real danger around the fire clown too because I always use a ton of hairspray LOL

  10. by Alexia @ Babies & Bacon on January 22, 2013  8:16 pm Reply

    What a cool set of images. The color in the last one is stunning. Sounds like you guys are starting to enjoy your life in the Northwest. Thanks for the templates btw!!

  11. by Annie @ Mama Dweeb on January 22, 2013  9:07 pm Reply

    You are right, that lens did AMAZING in that light. Love the last picture. Honestly, not sure if you had more fun watching the show or photographing it - looks like you got lots of amazing pictures! (This is another reason I really want the circus to come to town LOL)

  12. by hcg on January 22, 2013  9:10 pm Reply

    Great writing. Thank you for posting that. I'll definitely return here to find out more and inform my acquaintenances about your writing.

  13. by Mimi on January 22, 2013  9:49 pm Reply

    Man, your camera is amazing! No way I'd be able to get shots like that. And I had no idea you were in Lake Chelan. Don't know how I missed that! =)

  14. by Jennifer on January 22, 2013  10:16 pm Reply

    Those are some awesome shots! I love the last one - you even captured the spray! What do you call it anyway? What is it, alcohol? Spit? ;-)

  15. by Nancy on January 23, 2013  4:22 am Reply

    Impressed at the detail you achieved in such low light. :)

  16. by Tracie on January 23, 2013  4:56 am Reply

    VERY awesome.

    That last picture is especially amazing!

  17. by Tish on January 23, 2013  5:21 am Reply

    it sounds like the winterfest is an amazing event! great captures!! especially taking into account the low light!! looking forward to the winter photo challenge! :)

  18. by Stacy Uncorked on January 23, 2013  5:42 am Reply

    Oh how fun! Glad your 'do was safe! ;) Awesome shots! :)

  19. by veronica lee on January 23, 2013  6:04 am Reply

    Looks like a fun night! Great shots!

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  21. by Laurie @ Pride in Photos on January 23, 2013  6:17 am Reply

    I agree with tasting and chili cookoff...I would be SO there☺ Thanks for sharing.

  22. by Gina on January 23, 2013  7:02 am Reply

    Very cool!!!! I bet that was fun- we had a polar bear plunge here too & it was crazy.

  23. by Diane on January 23, 2013  8:07 am Reply

    You really captured the moment. Awesome pics!!!! So glad you caught it. Just glad your hair didn't.... :)

  24. by Molly on January 23, 2013  8:39 am Reply

    These images are amazing, you have managed to capture the excitement and detail of the moment. I really enjoyed your previous nurture challenge and am really looking forward to the new one


  25. by Kim on January 23, 2013  8:47 am Reply

    These photos are amazing, Kristi. You did a fantastic job!! It looks like you all had a great time.

  26. by justine on January 23, 2013  8:56 am Reply

    wow what truly fantastic shots you have here, they are brillian!

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  28. by MG Atwood on January 23, 2013  9:47 am Reply

    Awesome shots. The 24-70 is on my maybe list. I can't decide which lens to invest in next/

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  30. by Lori Popkewitz Alper on January 23, 2013  10:25 am Reply

    Awesome shots. You are motivating me to figure out my not-so-new camera.

  31. by Run DMT on January 23, 2013  11:52 am Reply

    That clown is one scary fire-breathing fool!

  32. by Judy Haughton-James on January 23, 2013  1:57 pm Reply

    Fantastic! Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your day.

  33. by Susi on January 23, 2013  1:58 pm Reply

    I love the last shot. Amazing how you were able to capture the sparks. :)

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  35. by Veronica on January 29, 2013  1:51 am Reply

    Well its been said a million times but THIS IS AMAZING. Man I miss you. Hope you're doing okay with this new transition.

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