I Was Here: Iowa {Cross Country Road Trip Adventure}

We’re still settling in here in Lake Chelan, Washington and enjoying our breathtaking surroundings.

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But just a few short weeks ago, we were surrounded by a whole lot of this…

Blue skies, the open road and an exciting cross country adventure.

As my family and I drove from Missouri to Washington state, I marveled at the beauty of our country; the scenery just as diverse as the many people who call America “home”.

photo of woman driving,

Our short drive through Iowa proved to be uneventful – nothing but farms, grain bins and silos on the particular stretch of highway we traveled.

photos of silos,

But this old roadside motel certainly caught my eye.

It was a little reminiscent of Ed Ruscha’s Twenty-six Gasoline Stations, I suppose.

Though my search for photographic inspiration fell short in Iowa (no offense to the lovely people of Iowa – please don’t send me hate mail), I’m thrilled to say that I Was Here.

photo of grain bin,

We drove through farmlands and plains and past abandoned schoolhouses as we continued our journey west.

I’ll be sharing more about our cross country road trip throughout the rest of the week.

South Dakota




There’s no end to the beauty we discovered.

But for now I’m unlacing my red Converse kicks and reliving those memories here on the blog. I sure hope you’ll join me.


  1. by alicia on December 4, 2012  12:43 pm Reply

    You made me laugh out loud. :) And hard to believe but I'm really missing the openness and white photo ops of Iowa these days. I think everyone needs a drive across our amazing country at least once in their lifetime to really gain an appreciation for the beauty and diversity that we have been given.

    • by Kristi on December 4, 2012  12:48 pm Reply

      Haha! Seriously though, tell your peeps not to send me hate mail. There weren't a whole lot of photo ops along the stretch of highway we drove on. I was extremely disappointed. :(

  2. by Rhonda @Laugh Quotes on December 4, 2012  12:47 pm Reply

    that first shot is not how I visualized Iowa in my head. Nice collection.

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  4. by Satakieli on December 4, 2012  1:10 pm Reply

    Lake Chelan looks so beautiful, but I have to say: As an immigrant I am fascinated by rural America and photos of it, there's nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. I love the motel photo.

    • by Kristi on December 4, 2012  1:16 pm Reply

      Is it weird that I totally thought of you when I took the motel photo? lol

      • by Satakieli on December 4, 2012  1:39 pm Reply

        haha, maybe just a little :p

  5. by pieni lintu on December 4, 2012  1:57 pm Reply

    Love to see those red shoes everywhere - great shots <3

    • by Kristi on December 4, 2012  10:22 pm Reply

      Aww, thanks! Well you'll have to come back again throughout the week. I'll be sharing photos from all the states my red Converses stepped foot in. :)

  6. by Dagmar ~Dagmar's momsense on December 4, 2012  2:20 pm Reply

    I wish I had the time to take a longer road trip - might just have to grab L one day and go in the spring :)

  7. by Charlotte on December 4, 2012  2:36 pm Reply

    Fab photos! Love the last one.x

  8. by Lolli @ Better in Bulk on December 4, 2012  2:53 pm Reply

    I'm cracking up...but I would have to agree. Strangely, though, your lack of photo-worthy scenery produced some incredible photos!!

  9. by Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers on December 4, 2012  4:53 pm Reply

    Is it bad that my fav shot is the B&W shot inside the car? I just love how B&W brings out texture differences between the crinkles in the palm of a hand to the smooth lines of sunglasses. Safe travels and happy shooting!

  10. by Christy Ann on December 4, 2012  5:05 pm Reply

    I agree that Iowa isn't the most exciting state to drive through, but there is still a certain beauty in your photos! It's Americana! Looks lovely where you are now, though. Enjoy the trip back, I just love road trips!

  11. by The Mommy on December 4, 2012  5:27 pm Reply

    You didn't see any wind farms?!?! That's my favorite part about Iowa! I think I have a couple HUNDRED photos of them from my last trip. I'm sure my in-laws were sick of me making them pull over so I could take "just a couple of shots"!

  12. by Ai Sakura on December 4, 2012  5:56 pm Reply

    those are stunning photos and thanks for sharing. I don't think I'd ever have a chance to see America like this in real-life.

  13. by Maya on December 4, 2012  9:14 pm Reply

    i'd love to take a road trip like that sometime! mark did, from boston to san jose, when he moved for work. how are you adjusting to WA?

  14. by Jennifer on December 4, 2012  9:34 pm Reply

    I can't wait to see more. I was still in grade school the last time my family took a cross-country drive, so I obviously did NOT enjoy or appreciate the experience! LOL!

  15. by kewkew on December 5, 2012  12:27 am Reply

    Love the shots of you being on the road. But I really love that first picture. It is gorgeous.

  16. by Kim @ This Belle Rocks on December 5, 2012  1:00 am Reply

    What lovely photos! I do love a road trip (and reading about them). It is a dream of mine to someday be able to take a long (to me, "long" is the regular time most people vacation), hop in the car, and travel the less-traveled roads of the country looking for little antique and junk stores to peruse at leisure.

    Oh, wait a minute....I probably need a truck if I'm going to do that, huh?

    Glad that your family is settling into your new home, and what a lovely place it is!

    Happy WW!

  17. by Molly on December 5, 2012  2:15 am Reply

    What an amazing road trip. Not possible in this country, it is too small and waaayyy too crowded but on my list of 'things to do before I get too old to do them' is to rent a car and spend a month driving as much of the USA as possible. I want to SEE it and I truly believe this is the only way to do that.


  18. by Verena on December 5, 2012  3:45 am Reply

    Wow Kristi, you live in a beautiful area! I think I have to make it to Washington to visit you one day! How have you been? Have you moved into your new home already? How do the kids like the new school?


  19. by Tish on December 5, 2012  3:57 am Reply

    That motel is eye-catching!! Rural America certainly does offer some beautiful photo ops! My husband favors photos of old abandoned buildings and cars. Can't wait to see more photos from your trip Kristi! Hope all is going ok with the settling in process.

  20. by Sarah on December 5, 2012  4:32 am Reply

    Beautiful photos. Can't wait to see more from your trip.

  21. by Stacy Uncorked on December 5, 2012  5:46 am Reply

    It's such an interesting drive, isn't it? As always, LOVE all the shots! :)

  22. by Gina on December 5, 2012  7:04 am Reply

    I'm so glad you are settling in to your new place. We are doing the same. I have been thinking of you as we put things in place. HUGS!!!

  23. by Susi on December 5, 2012  7:32 am Reply

    I love seeing your "I was here" posts. It's so fun. Can't wait to see the rest of your journey! :)

  24. by Kim Wolterman on December 5, 2012  7:44 am Reply

    I grew up in Iowa, but I promise not to send you any hate mail :) In addition to being surprised that you did not see any wind farms, I am sad that you did not have the opportunity to glimpse any of the wonder barn quilts along the way. (In case you are not familiar with them, these are wonderful quilt patterns that have been painted on panels and hung on barns throughout the US.) I know you would enjoy photographing them. Or perhaps you saw some in the other states? I will tune back in to check.

  25. by Diane on December 5, 2012  8:18 am Reply

    You have just experienced what I seem to see everytime we got on the motorcycle. We have traveled a lot of these USA roads, and I am here to tell you, it can be so much fun. I am so in love with your shots with the red red converse shoes!!! I used to carry a rock, yes, a rock that a little girl painted and I bought in Arkansas. Her name is Elizabeth (as the little girl named her for me) and my little rock, Lizzy has been in quite a few pics in the past. I think I am going to have to start showing her in lots more shots. You are my inspiration. Thanks!!!

  26. by MG Atwood on December 5, 2012  10:00 am Reply

    Love taking this trip with you!

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  28. by Laurie @ Pride in Photos on December 5, 2012  10:04 am Reply

    I have never been to Iowa...but it sure was fun living through it in your eyes. This is a great adventure you are living...little jealous‚ô• have a great week.

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  30. by Amy on December 5, 2012  10:53 am Reply

    I love road trip photos! It's been great seeing yours.

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  32. by Stacey on December 5, 2012  12:11 pm Reply

    Those blue skies are just gorgeous!

  33. by Elaine on December 5, 2012  3:46 pm Reply

    I've never been to Iowa. Perhaps now I know why. You still made it look good though. ;)

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