Children’s Lifestyle Photography Tips

Defined as a style of photography that aims to portray real-life situations in a controlled setting, children’s lifestyle photography captures children in their natural element.

No frivolous props.

No staging.

No over-the-top setup.

Just children in their natural element, being their authentic selves.

Capture the wonder and magic of childhood with these children’s lifestyle photography tips:

Lights! Camera! Capture the action!

Action packed photos make a powerful statement. Photograph your child in motion – running, skipping, jumping, playing their favorite sport.

Photograph the fun

Forget those forced poses and smiles. Capture your child having fun – real fun. Photograph them doing something silly or while doing something they truly love – painting, reading, lying in the grass on a warm sunny day. You’re guaranteed to elicit genuine smiles from your child if she’s doing the things she loves most.

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Focus on the details

Childhood is but a brief moment in time. Photograph those details you’re sure to look back on when you’re sending them off to college – handfuls of sand, itty bitty toes, little feet running, skipping and jumping.

Create an emotional connection

Make those sweet moments last forever. Capture your children making a connection – holding hands, in a warm embrace, kissing loved ones, etc.

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Put some space between you and your subject

Step back and give your child some breathing room. Allow her to imagine, create and explore on her own.

Watch, wait and click

Exercise patience. Watch. Wait. Let the magic unfold naturally. And when that powerful moment hits? Click!

Children's Lifestyle Photography Tips

Do you prefer to stage and plan your shoots with kids or do you gravitate more toward lifestyle photography?


  1. by Gina on November 2, 2012  9:11 am Reply

    Love these- that one of her painting just melts me into a puddle! I like to mix it up. I think it's good practice to do a planned shoot every so often. But most of the time I don't have time for that so I have mostly lifestyle images.

  2. by Tish on November 2, 2012  9:28 am Reply

    I'm with Gina. I like to do a mix of both, but just in the past two weeks I've done two lifestyle sessions with children and I LOVE the results! Its so fun to follow them around and capture the wonder and joy on their faces as they "do what they do"! Great photos Kristi! Looks like a fun Halloween!

    • by Kristi on November 2, 2012  9:47 am Reply

      Awww, thanks Andi! You're so sweet. :)

  3. by MG Atwood on November 2, 2012  9:57 am Reply

    I try to capture the littles doing this and that, but each month I try to get the baby to look at the camera for something staged. Her eyes melt me when the light catches them! Thanks for the link up. You took some great shots of Halloween

  4. by Branson on November 2, 2012  3:32 pm Reply

    Love, love that third Halloween photo and the one of her painting has been a favorite of mine!

  5. by Sarah on November 2, 2012  4:33 pm Reply

    I love every single one. Gorgeous!!!

  6. by Jaymi on November 2, 2012  5:48 pm Reply

    these are all such awesome portraits! I'm so excited I have purple in my post this week so I can link up! I've been lagging on my blog lately and haven't been able to join in all Fall!

  7. by Vivien on November 2, 2012  9:39 pm Reply

    Wonderful pictures and awesome tips!!! Thank you for hosting!

  8. by Liz on November 3, 2012  9:15 am Reply

    Beautiful shots Kristi! I love your candid family shots.
    Thanks for hosting.

  9. by Amanda Jillian on November 5, 2012  2:08 pm Reply

    I love the photos and the tips! I love my shots of my kids playing instead of the forced studio shots.

  10. by Nicole P. on November 7, 2012  9:29 am Reply

    Your pictures are fabulous! Your children are gorgeous! I prefer to catch my kids as they are. I still love looking at wonderfully stylized shots and plan to do one for the holiday cards. But overall, I prefer natural shots. I'm too lazy, I mean busy to do stylized shoots all the time.

  11. by Satakieli on November 10, 2012  9:37 am Reply

    Great tips Kristi! And of course beautiful photos as usual!

  12. by Mitzi on October 31, 2013  2:12 pm Reply

    Wasn't expecting this to be live until tomorrow. Scrolled down to add my link to the list & so disappointed that it says collection closed. (guess I need to remove the link from my post) :-( Beautiful photos as always. Love the tips!

    • by Mitzi on October 31, 2013  2:15 pm Reply

      my bad...just noticed it says Fall 2012 ooopsie!

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