Right Around This Time Last Week…

Right around this time last week, my children were splashing away in a creek near our home in small town Missouri.

roubidioux creek, missouri creek,

roubidioux creek, missouri creek,

This week we’re back in my island home of Hawaii, visiting with family and friends for the next 10 weeks.

And enjoying some of the things we miss most about our island home…

Bright blue skies,

blue sky,

Sandy beaches,

beach pictures,

Waves crashing against the rocks on shore.

waves crashing on rocks,

It feels so great to be back home.

hawaii beach,

And as you can imagine, my children are having a blast!

hawaii beaches,

I can’t wait to share more of our vacation with you in the coming weeks!


  1. by Jaymi on June 3, 2012  9:27 pm Reply

    beautiful pics! I love that last one of your daughter! I just got back from a trip to Peru and took so many pictures I may just spend the rest of the summer editing them all!!!

  2. by Hermano Solis on June 4, 2012  4:19 am Reply

    Great surfing! I want to try that one!

  3. by Karen on June 5, 2012  12:28 am Reply

    That was really fun and interesting!

  4. by Pamela Gold on June 5, 2012  10:09 am Reply

    I can't wait to see all the pictures and drool!

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