Evening Walk

The weather here in small town Missouri has been lovely as of late and we’ve been spending more time outdoors.

I took my girls for a walk yesterday as the sun began to set.

They goofed around…

Picked a few flowers…

Found a critter or two…

Explored their surroundings…

And marveled over the beauty of spring…


  1. by Dagmar ~ Dagmar's momsense on May 15, 2012  6:49 pm Reply

    Love all those pictures! We have also been enjoying beautiful spring weather, just not the last two days. I'm having a nice time with my mom, who is visiting from Germany.

  2. by Amy on May 15, 2012  6:59 pm Reply

    I love those little white flowers. I remember seeing them all over Missouri when we were there last year.

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  4. by Robyn on May 15, 2012  7:18 pm Reply

    Happy WW, Kristi! What a great way to spend time with your girls.

  5. by Sarah on May 15, 2012  8:17 pm Reply

    Love these!! so beautiful and I love your new blog look.

  6. by bcIMthemommy on May 15, 2012  9:22 pm Reply

    Our weather has been awesome too. Lovin' it SO much! Why can't it be like this year round?

  7. by Branson on May 15, 2012  9:23 pm Reply

    Love it! We have barely been indoors lately it has been awesome! You littlest is so precious! All you kids are gorgeous, but she is so sweet! :)

  8. by Good Girl Gone Green on May 15, 2012  10:07 pm Reply

    I love all your pictures as usual. But what I really adore is the black and white polka dot dress with the pink and white polka-dot pants! :) Pretty!

  9. by Jaymi on May 15, 2012  10:40 pm Reply

    oh I love that little polka dot dress, it looks so cute among all the daisy's! This shots are all so pretty, but I'm really in love with the first one!!!

  10. by Bits of Bee on May 15, 2012  10:50 pm Reply

    Gorgeous photos! Your girls are beautiful and your photography is truly lovely :)

  11. by Life with Kaishon on May 15, 2012  10:53 pm Reply

    Your girls are so beautiful. What a perfect night. I love your walk. Insanely pretty!

  12. by Allison @ Alli 'n Son on May 15, 2012  11:04 pm Reply

    Your girls are just precious. I love this time of the year, we spend as much time outside as well.

  13. by Honey Mommy on May 15, 2012  11:11 pm Reply

    How fun! I love going for walks with my kids, even though we don't have many fun fields full of daisies to roam through!

  14. by Bella on May 15, 2012  11:21 pm Reply

    These are so very lovely, thank you for sharing your beautiful gaze on the world!

  15. by alicia on May 15, 2012  11:22 pm Reply

    Loving these photos from your walk! Gorgeous light! Ah, gotta love this time of year!

  16. by Karly on May 15, 2012  11:22 pm Reply

    I am loving your new layout! And I am loving the photos! I really miss the changing of the seasons, since it seems to only ever be Summer, Summer, Summer and Fall down here in Phoenix.

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  18. by Mimi on May 16, 2012  12:19 am Reply

    Looks like it was a beautiful walk. The days here in MN have been beautiful as well. Love these long Spring days!

  19. by The Drama Mama on May 16, 2012  1:25 am Reply

    WOW! Your baby is growing up and so beautifully too!! I really need to stop by more often.

  20. by Jamie on May 16, 2012  2:26 am Reply

    Those are truly wonderful photos! No wonder Tamron USA chose to feature you; it is not about using their lens, but to show how great you are as a photographer.

  21. by Jennifer on May 16, 2012  2:57 am Reply

    Beautiful girls, beautiful field of flowers!

  22. by EdT. on May 16, 2012  5:53 am Reply

    Thanks for the comment on my WW post! The Lensbaby 80 is a little too new, and I need to take it out in different conditions, before I can make a final decision. I like the flatness of the lens (I have a different LB I use with a Nikon 50mm and have some real good pics from it), but since my main cameras are Olympus micro 4/3 format, this optic ends up being a 160mm prime – pretty much into telephoto territory. I may have to pull out the old 5D and see how it works on a full frame camera.

    I would say, pull out the Lensbaby and try it again! being a manual focus lens with some interesting effects can be frustrating, but I have learned to like the quirkiness of the lens (and, when my vision was all wonky several years ago, the LB actually let me show others how I was seeing things!) BTW, that bottom photo, it would probably make a very interesting shot for a Lensbaby (using either the Edge 80 optic or even the regular double-glass one.)

    Happy WW!

  23. by Mindi on May 16, 2012  6:24 am Reply

    Wonderful pictures!! I love sunset walks with my boys. They just don't happen enough as dinner and getting ready for work the next day seems to take over our evenings. Before we know it it's 8:00 pm and time to get them into bed. The few times I saw screw the routine I get some lovely pictures of them at sunset and it just makes me smile. Happy Wednesday!! I believe I saw you were going to BBC Philly?! If so I'm really looking forward to meeting you!!!

  24. by Joyce @ MommyTalkShow on May 16, 2012  6:50 am Reply

    You make me miss Missouri fields. I went to Mizzou for graduate school, then came back to teach.

  25. by another jennifer on May 16, 2012  6:51 am Reply

    Gorgeous photos. I love how you displayed them. Found you through 5 Minutes for Mom. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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  27. by Paula Kiger on May 16, 2012  6:56 am Reply

    Fun pix! And your littlest is really changing fast!

  28. by Run DMT on May 16, 2012  7:21 am Reply

    What gorgeous photos! The field shots are stunning. I need to have a look at this week's photo challenge theme. I don't know if I can swing it by Friday, but I'll try. Feeling really overwhelmed at the moment with nasty cold.

    BTW...I love your new layout. Very spring!

  29. by Stacy Uncorked on May 16, 2012  7:22 am Reply

    Awwwww! That looks like the perfect evening walk - as documented by your awesomely perfect shots! ;)

  30. by Serendipity is Sweet on May 16, 2012  7:26 am Reply

    Beautiful shots! I love those sweet faces ;)
    Congrats on being featured by Tamron!! Off to

  31. by Susan on May 16, 2012  7:29 am Reply

    Oh how neat!! Love your work. And your blog too! How cool♥

  32. by Meg on May 16, 2012  7:49 am Reply

    Gorgeous photos -- love the light.

  33. by Maya on May 16, 2012  8:08 am Reply

    your daughters are gorgeous! love the picture of the bug on the daisy...what detail!

  34. by Gina on May 16, 2012  8:59 am Reply

    Oh what gorgeous surroundings. I need to find a way to come visit you- just look at all that green!!!

  35. by Teresa on May 16, 2012  9:04 am Reply

    Your child photography is wonderful! I really need to find a child or two to do a photo shoot. :-) I love those polka dots!

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  37. by Pieni lintu on May 16, 2012  9:21 am Reply

    Thank you for your nice comment in my WW blog post. I've already joined last friday in that leap into spring finale: http://www.pienilintu.blogspot.com/2012/05/leap-into-spring.html

    So I can't link my flowers in that finale. :)

  38. by Danelle on May 16, 2012  9:56 am Reply

    I love those evening walks when the weather is just perfect! You got some gorgeous shots. :)

  39. by Maricris of Zensible Mama on May 16, 2012  10:42 am Reply

    LOVE all the pictures! It's so neat how you were able to capture amazing pictures of your little girl. Love!!!

  40. by MixedMolly on May 16, 2012  10:48 am Reply

    Does it get much better than evening lighting? Great set of pics!

  41. by Deanna U on May 16, 2012  10:58 am Reply

    Looks like a beautiful spring day!

  42. by Stasha on May 16, 2012  11:03 am Reply

    So lovely.each and every one!

  43. by Elena on May 16, 2012  11:18 am Reply

    Such great photos! It's a great time of day to take pictures! That last flower shot is amazing!

  44. by Brandi on May 16, 2012  11:54 am Reply

    Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing :)

  45. by angie on May 16, 2012  1:56 pm Reply

    I just love how tranquil everything looks on your evening walk....like everyone and everything knew it was time to button down for the night. :)

  46. by alissa apel on May 16, 2012  2:55 pm Reply

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life that mean so much!

  47. by Homemom3 on May 16, 2012  3:19 pm Reply

    looks like a lovely walk. Happy WW!

  48. by MG ATwood on May 16, 2012  3:33 pm Reply

    Love that polka dot dress with the daisy's pure bliss!

  49. by debi9kids on May 16, 2012  11:49 pm Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous photos and it does look beautiful there.

  50. by Alanis on May 17, 2012  10:13 pm Reply

    Looks like morning walks to me :) Yeah, it's fun to have bonding moments together with the people you love the most, be it on daytimes, noon and in the evening. As long as you're with them, you'll surely have a great time.

  51. by Melissa on May 17, 2012  10:37 pm Reply

    Gorgeous pictures!!! It looks beautiful there!

  52. by Edward on May 18, 2012  7:06 am Reply

    wow. this is really awesome .. you really know how to share you experiences and must say awesome photography .

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