My Little Artist


  1. by Verena on April 17, 2012  4:14 pm Reply

    These pictures are just perfect! What a sweet moment. Your girl is so cute!
    Have a wonderful day!


  2. by alicia on April 17, 2012  5:46 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos! Love her concentration face. lol.

  3. by Ai Sakura on April 17, 2012  5:48 pm Reply

    lovely shots :) gonna check out your tips on composition!

  4. by Danelle on April 17, 2012  5:59 pm Reply

    You captured some perfect memories with these shots. :)

  5. by Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers on April 17, 2012  6:21 pm Reply

    Love the little curves in the picture: the ringlets of hair, the curl of the pinky, and the bend of the paint brush. Happy WW!

  6. by Brandi on April 17, 2012  6:31 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful little girl!!

    WW w/LINKY

  7. by Amy {babybabylemon} on April 17, 2012  7:14 pm Reply

    I love the look of concentration on her face in the first photo.

  8. by Sarah on April 17, 2012  7:36 pm Reply

    Oh, love these. So beautiful.

  9. by Suzanne on April 17, 2012  8:13 pm Reply

    I love how carefully she's painting! And you're very brave for letting her - painting was such a disaster in our house I'm scared to even try again.

  10. by Branson on April 17, 2012  8:15 pm Reply

    I am in serious love with these photos, Kristy! Perfect light, perfect processing, perfect adorable suject :D

  11. by Kerry Rossow on April 17, 2012  8:58 pm Reply

    Holy sweetness! What a beautiful shot of your little artist!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  12. by Danielle @ Royalegacy on April 17, 2012  9:03 pm Reply

    Great pictures. She really is into her painting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. by Alecia @ ChickenScratchNY on April 17, 2012  9:43 pm Reply

    I love the picture of the paint, all the colors swirled together reminds me of art class in elementary school!

  14. by Katie @Pinke Post on April 17, 2012  9:51 pm Reply

    She's a beauty! I love the paint capture also. Happy WW!

  15. by Christy Ann on April 17, 2012  9:51 pm Reply

    She's so serious! Great pictures!

  16. by Paula Kiger on April 17, 2012  10:03 pm Reply

    I loved these pix when I saw them on FB and I still love them. Beautiful little girl/beautiful photography/beautiful mom. :-)

  17. by Melanie on April 17, 2012  10:07 pm Reply

    Hey mama! OH that first shot is just to die for ADORABLE. I love how she is so serious about her art! lol) Gorgeous as always!

  18. by Melanie on April 17, 2012  10:08 pm Reply

    Whoops! That was me above... my blog address didn't go through) byeee.

  19. by Annie @ Mama Dweeb on April 17, 2012  10:08 pm Reply

    oh my goodness, her curls!! I die! Those are precious pictures!

    I cannot wait for Saturday!! See you soon Kristi!

  20. by Kate on April 17, 2012  10:11 pm Reply

    You have a beautiful daughter. Love the light in those two pictures.

  21. by Karly on April 17, 2012  10:53 pm Reply

    I love watching little kids create. It is just so cool how they work out the things that pop into their head.

  22. by debi9kids on April 17, 2012  11:41 pm Reply

    LOVE how intense she is!
    THAT is the face of an artist :)

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  24. by Desirae R on April 18, 2012  1:46 am Reply

    I really love her concentration. Such a beautiful picture to capture.

  25. by Run DMT on April 18, 2012  4:55 am Reply

    What great photos! I love the close up of the paint brush. I've got some eggs photos for you. I'm a little behind with the challenge, but as long as I make it, I'm good.

    Now I have to start thinking about blossoms...hmmmmm...

  26. by Lisa on April 18, 2012  7:35 am Reply

    Beautiful Photos

  27. by SarahinSC on April 18, 2012  7:56 am Reply

    I adore the softness of the photos. So calm and pretty!

  28. by Amanda Austin on April 18, 2012  8:14 am Reply

    That second photo -- WOW!! Stunning -- they are both beautiful, though.

  29. by lolli on April 18, 2012  8:49 am Reply

    What a sweet look of concentration on her face!

  30. by Gina on April 18, 2012  8:58 am Reply

    These are beautiful Kristi- her curls are gorgeous!

  31. by Kelly-Marie on April 18, 2012  9:24 am Reply

    Gorgeous pictures huni, your little girl is so pretty and looks so engrossed in her painting x x

  32. by Satakieli on April 18, 2012  9:58 am Reply

    She's such a cutie, look at that concentration! Love the softness to these photos too.

  33. by MG Atwood on April 18, 2012  10:04 am Reply

    Oh, that first shot is amazing. the lighting, the angle, love it all.

  34. by Amy on April 18, 2012  1:49 pm Reply

    What a sweet moment captured! It reminded me of when I was little and stayed at my grandma's. She always had the best watercolors and let me paint all day long if I wanted! This just made my day! Thanks!

  35. by Lisa@Advent's Adventures on April 18, 2012  8:51 pm Reply

    That photo looks like a painting! It is just beautiful! WoW! I'm camera shopping and now I'm wondering what kind of camera you use??

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  37. by Tayarra on April 18, 2012  9:22 pm Reply

    Those perfect curls. Those perfect lips. Those perfectly plump fingers. L.O.V.E that 1st pic! Truly a moment in time... Classic

  38. by Kimberly on April 18, 2012  9:52 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos! Love the lighting! She looks like she's a sweetheart.

  39. by Amanda on April 18, 2012  10:53 pm Reply

    Oh, what a cutie! My little one has recently discovered the joy of painting too.

  40. by Teresa on April 19, 2012  1:10 pm Reply

    She is so focused on her work! Great pictures!

  41. by Leah H. on April 19, 2012  8:53 pm Reply

    She's beautiful and talented..

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by:)

  42. by Branson on April 19, 2012  9:25 pm Reply

    Stopped by to get the Leap Into Spring button and couldn't help commenting once more on these photos... I am in love with these. Just perfect childhood magic! :)

  43. by Katie@MyDarlingDays on April 20, 2012  6:44 am Reply

    Your pictures are always so wonderful! How do you get that "haze" over them? Is that a filter for your lens, or do you edit them that way? Just gorgeous!!

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