Textures and Signs of Spring in Arizona

A few weeks ago, I left cold, dreary Missouri behind for a few days in sunshiny Arizona. Boy, did I have a blast! In addition to hanging out with a few friends, including the sweet and lovely Becca of My Crazy Good Life, I did a little bit of exploring as well.

I had no idea that Arizona was so picturesque.

arizona photography,

Or that I’d find so much inspiration in the textures and colors I found in the forest, plains, hills and in the desert of Arizona.

Beautiful bark…

arizona photography,

arizona photography,

Tall grasses that bend and dance in the wind…

arizona photography,

Thorns hidden among the weeds…

arizona photography,

Prickly cacti…

arizona photography,

arizona photography,

arizona photography,

And glorious signs of spring, right there in the desert…

arizona photography,

arizona photography,

arizona photography,


  1. by Verena on March 20, 2012  5:14 pm Reply

    Oh how beautiful! I´m glad you had a wonderful time. I love Arizona!
    You always take such beautiful photos!


  2. by alicia on March 20, 2012  6:15 pm Reply

    What a beautiful bunch of photos from your trip to AZ. Now I'm wondering how many others you're hoarding away... lol.

  3. by Jaymi on March 20, 2012  6:25 pm Reply

    beautiful shots! I love all the little purple flowers! And I'm so excited for the Spring Photo Challenge!

  4. by Branson on March 20, 2012  6:29 pm Reply

    That first one is just divine! All around a beautiful collection!

  5. by Gina on March 20, 2012  7:09 pm Reply

    Stunning captures of my neighboring state. The desert certainly has it's own beauty doesn't it??!!

    Excited that there will be another challenge for Spring! You know I'm game!

  6. by Lolo on March 20, 2012  7:51 pm Reply

    So beautiful. I love the textures you found!

  7. by Serendipity is Sweet on March 20, 2012  8:23 pm Reply

    Wow, gorgeous indeed! Love the cacti and that last shot with the pop of color...so beautiful!
    Looking forward to the Spring challenge ;)

  8. by Sarah on March 20, 2012  8:28 pm Reply

    Such gorgeous shots. Love them.

  9. by Kristy @PampersandPinot on March 20, 2012  8:50 pm Reply

    I grew up in Phoenix, went to undergrad in Flagstaff. I get to visit next weekend to see my mom and brother and niece. I'm so excited!!!

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  11. by Annie @ Mama Dweeb on March 20, 2012  8:56 pm Reply

    I have never visited AZ before. I cannot choose my favorite picture - either the cactus or the purple flowers. I think the close up of the cactus wins because that is something I never look at that close and it is soooo cool!

  12. by Jen {at} take2mommy on March 20, 2012  9:31 pm Reply

    Glad you had a nice trip. Beautiful photos as always! Cacti are so interesting to look at, aren't they?

  13. by Camille on March 20, 2012  9:37 pm Reply

    Wow, breathtaking photos. I wish I could work that kind of magic with a camera!!

  14. by Robin | Farewell, Stranger on March 20, 2012  9:44 pm Reply

    So beautiful! I flew through Phoenix a few weeks ago and would love to go back and explore.

  15. by Paula Kiger on March 20, 2012  10:14 pm Reply

    Not in order of importance but a) YAY A spring photo challenge!!!!!!!!!!! b) Was thinking about you at your doc visit today c) I picked my "sexy day" image for the thumbnail post, JUST FOR YOU! and d) I love your Arizona pictures and 3) YAY A spring photo challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. by Stacey on March 20, 2012  10:32 pm Reply

    Your photography makes it more beautiful that I would have thought!

  17. by angie on March 20, 2012  10:33 pm Reply

    WOW! The textures you captured in Arizona are amazing. Really phenomenal photos! And, thinking of you constantly!

  18. by Good Girl Gone Green on March 20, 2012  11:04 pm Reply

    I like the cactus! Pretty, well as pretty as cactus can be! :) :)

  19. by Alexia @ Babies & Bacon on March 20, 2012  11:18 pm Reply

    Gorgeous! I had a great time taking pictures in Arizona too but your pics are just stunning. Looks like you and your new camera boyfriend are really getting along nicely!

  20. by Maya on March 20, 2012  11:22 pm Reply

    Love the smiley face! AZ can be gorgeous, but I'm afraid of the tarantulas!

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  22. by Amy @ Counting My Kisses on March 20, 2012  11:46 pm Reply

    Gorgeous shots! I'd love to visit Arizona one day {as long as I don't see any snakes!}. Just beautiful pictures, as always. :)

  23. by Penny on March 21, 2012  2:25 am Reply

    Stunning photos, very inspirational!
    Penny x

  24. by Harry Tomsic on March 21, 2012  2:57 am Reply

    Beautiful pictures! What camera and lenses did you use? I've never seen such photographs of Arizona before. Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. by Run DMT on March 21, 2012  4:44 am Reply

    I love the texture shots and the editing effects are amazing. Very cool! What editing effects did you use? I'm clicking over to check out the spring photo challenge. We'll see...

  26. by Stacy Uncorked on March 21, 2012  5:57 am Reply

    All those shots are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

  27. by Lisa@Advent's Adventures on March 21, 2012  6:55 am Reply

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!!! Did I say beautiful? I can't wait to join the6 week challenge! I also hope I remember!!! :)

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  29. by Molly @ mixedmolly on March 21, 2012  8:38 am Reply

    Love the texture photos. The color on the first one is beautiful. Thanks for hosting!

  30. by Satakieli on March 21, 2012  9:44 am Reply

    Kristi, that first one is absolutely breathtaking! I'm loving all of these though, Arizona looks so beautiful :)

  31. by Nicolette on March 21, 2012  10:43 am Reply

    That picture of the bark is amazing! I love the new challenge too!

  32. by The Drama Mama on March 21, 2012  12:01 pm Reply

    Wow. That picture of the pink flowers I want to put on my desktop. Absolutely gorgeous!

  33. by Tish on March 21, 2012  1:23 pm Reply

    Kristi, you captured some truly beautiful images in Arizona!! My favorites are your last three ... those gorgeous colors pop so brightly against the golden background color. I'm so excited and looking forward to the Spring challenge!!!

  34. by Tezzie on March 21, 2012  1:34 pm Reply

    What a stunning place Arizona is! And, you captured such gorgeous natural textures <3 And, I've gotta tell you, I'm leaping with joy over the spring challenge!! Yay!

  35. by Nancy @ Ollie McKay's on March 21, 2012  2:00 pm Reply

    Wow ~ Really loving the AZ landscape photo ~ beautiful!! Happy WW to all! :-)

  36. by Kimberly on March 21, 2012  4:34 pm Reply

    Gorgeous photos! Who knew the desert could be so pretty?! :)

  37. by Honey Mommy on March 21, 2012  5:15 pm Reply

    Can you believe I have never experienced spring in Tucson? We are always there for Christmas, and I never get to see the cacti bloom. I totally want to go now!

  38. by Jennifer on March 21, 2012  5:31 pm Reply

    Arizona has grassy plains?! Woah. ;-) These pictures are beautiful!

  39. by candice on March 21, 2012  8:01 pm Reply

    What beautiful photos. I hope to travel to AZ one day! Hope you are having a lovely week. :)

  40. by Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails on March 21, 2012  8:30 pm Reply

    Isn't AZ beautiful! esp in spring. that is one of the places hubby & I are consider moving to (some day... sigh)

  41. by Emily on March 21, 2012  9:39 pm Reply

    Stunning shots Kristi! I love the first one and the one with the grasses. The contrast between the golden tones and the blue sky is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this link up!

  42. by Amanda on March 21, 2012  9:53 pm Reply

    Beautiful! I especially LOVE that first shot.

  43. by Becca - Our Crazy Boys on March 22, 2012  12:27 am Reply

    Your photos are beautiful!! Wow... I need to go back and take some more photos now!!

    • by Kristi on March 22, 2012  12:31 am Reply

      Only if you take me with you! :)

  44. by Lisa on March 22, 2012  4:21 am Reply

    Beautiful Photos!

  45. by Gramma Teetsie Thompson on March 22, 2012  4:45 am Reply

    Picture #4 of the mountains, reminds me of a very big, juicy steak.....Beautiful. By the way, OURCRAZYBOYS, Becca, is my beautiful daughter, and I know how happy and excited she was that you were going to be there at that time.
    Beautiful pictures, some day, (sorry Bec) I plan to retire there and be closer to my family.
    Thank you for sharing your photos, it brings me a little closer to the family I miss so much.

    • by Kristi on March 23, 2012  12:01 am Reply

      Gramma Teetsie, I've heard so much about you that I actually recognized your name before I read your comment! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to say hi. I so enjoyed meeting Becca in person, finally. She's a dear, sweet friend and I'm so glad that I met her through blogging. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my photos. Thanks again for stopping by to say hi. Have a great day! -Kristi :)

  46. by Onny on March 22, 2012  5:05 am Reply

    Those were awesome photos! I guess you have a lot more to share.

  47. by alissa apel on March 22, 2012  8:53 am Reply

    I love it there. I've only been to Arizona once and it was worth it! So pretty.

  48. by Robyn on March 22, 2012  9:59 am Reply


    Looks like you have a head start on the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge!

    I love the 4th picture! It is so calming and the color contrast is stunning. Purple is my favorite color and purple flowers make me smile.

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful art!

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  53. by BZMomma on March 29, 2012  9:01 am Reply

    WOW! Those are great photos! Glad I found you via Angie / being featured as one of the WW entries! Absolutely in love w/flowers in the dessert pics...

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