1. by Satakieli on February 28, 2012  5:21 pm Reply

    These are awesome Kristi, loving all the soft brown tones :)

  2. by Megan @ Potato Chip Cats on February 28, 2012  5:39 pm Reply

    That droplet picture is amazing, what timing! I like the barbed wire too, great shots.

  3. by Amy on February 28, 2012  5:43 pm Reply

    Love, love, love the barbed wire.

  4. by Jaymi on February 28, 2012  5:47 pm Reply

    wow you take everyday things and make them beautiful!!!

  5. by alicia on February 28, 2012  6:05 pm Reply

    Amazing how something old and so dilapidated can be photographed and made new again. Beautiful captures!

  6. by Tricia on February 28, 2012  6:49 pm Reply

    Great photographs and lots of photo inspiration! Thanks

  7. by Ai Sakura on February 28, 2012  6:56 pm Reply

    love these shots and the warm colours...

  8. by Becca - Our Crazy Boys on February 28, 2012  7:14 pm Reply

    Wow!!! Those are amazing!! You'll teach me how to take them when you get here, right?

  9. by Lolo on February 28, 2012  7:24 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos! Love all of the different textures you captured.

  10. by Stephanie on February 28, 2012  7:43 pm Reply

    These pictures are gorgeous!

  11. by Barbara on February 28, 2012  8:02 pm Reply

    Really like these, beautiful tones throughout and am loving that water drop and the abandoned bird's nest against the beams.

  12. by Sarah on February 28, 2012  8:30 pm Reply

    These are gorgeous. Love them!

  13. by Branson on February 28, 2012  9:01 pm Reply

    LOVE these! The water drop photo stands out, but the whole series paints such a picture! :)

  14. by Vivien on February 28, 2012  9:20 pm Reply

    Love all these shots! You have such a great eye!

  15. by Robyn on February 28, 2012  9:27 pm Reply

    Great series of WW photos! The first and 3rd are my favorites. The rustic colors you captured are awesome.

  16. by Allison @ Alli 'n Son on February 28, 2012  9:58 pm Reply

    Don't you just love the history you can feel from old buildings? Oh, the stories they could tell.

  17. by Semi Domesticated Mama on February 28, 2012  10:01 pm Reply

    Wow, gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting. Have a great Wednesday!

  18. by Honey Mommy on February 28, 2012  10:20 pm Reply

    I am in love with these pictures! The water drop, the barb wire... so lovely! Something about old, rundown building just makes me happy.

  19. by Good Girl Gone Green on February 28, 2012  10:25 pm Reply

    Pretty pictures! But just read your post below...Ummm WOW! You look fantastic. That is an incredible accomplishment. Good for you!

  20. by Annie on February 28, 2012  10:37 pm Reply

    Those pictures are breathtaking. I love the emotion you captured in them. Whenever I see abandoned farm houses around here (and there are lots - oh and one room school houses too!) I just sit and dream of the stories that happened when those parts were fresh and new.

  21. by Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers on February 28, 2012  10:44 pm Reply

    Interesting combination of textures and tones. Always love the water droplet photos, and the very first picture with the unexpected curves is really nifty too. Happy WW! http://www.beyondthewhiskers.com/2012/02/wordless-wednesday-nomie.html

  22. by noelle on February 28, 2012  10:49 pm Reply

    beautiful photos! each one was better than the one before it :) LOVE them all

  23. by Lolli @ Better in Bulk on February 28, 2012  10:56 pm Reply

    Inspiring once again! I love the textures in old barns. I love to wander and find hidden, old, treasures. They are perfect for being captured on camera.

  24. by Maya on February 28, 2012  11:17 pm Reply

    love those! in another life i'd like to just travel around, photographing old barns. :-)

    may i ask what program you use to do your watermarking?

  25. by Create With Joy on February 28, 2012  11:35 pm Reply

    As always, your photos are stunning! I love visiting everyone on WW, but your site is truly one of my faves! :-)

    I am now on Google Plus and would be delighted if you followed me - I will happily reciprocate!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Create With Joy

  26. by Alexia @ Babies & Bacon on February 29, 2012  12:00 am Reply

    What a cool building. You have the best locations around your neck of the woods. Thanks for the weekly photo inspiration.

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  28. by Verena on February 29, 2012  1:10 am Reply

    Very beautiful!!

    Happy WW!

  29. by Karly on February 29, 2012  2:22 am Reply

    Every time I see a photo with snow in it I become homesick for Minnesota. Arizona is no fun in the winter for someone who loves the cold and snow.

    Apparently I am rather odd for saying that!

  30. by Paula Kiger on February 29, 2012  5:59 am Reply

    I agree with Jaymi, Kristi - these are very evocative pictures - common subject, uncommon treatment!

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  32. by Stacy Uncorked on February 29, 2012  6:40 am Reply

    I love old barns! All those shots are absolutely breathtaking! :)

  33. by Molly @ mixedmolly on February 29, 2012  7:17 am Reply

    Love the water dripping off the roof. This is a very peaceful set.

  34. by Tayarra on February 29, 2012  8:09 am Reply

    You know I love these. But that water drop off the barn, genius! Love it!

  35. by candice on February 29, 2012  8:41 am Reply

    Gorgeous photos. I think I saw some of these in your Instagram stream as well! Have a lovely week!

  36. by Gone Bananas on February 29, 2012  10:15 am Reply

    I love photography, but know I have soooooo much to learn! Some people, like yourself, just have a natural eye for it! Love your shots! :)

  37. by Mama J on February 29, 2012  10:59 am Reply

    "WOW!" To the composition on that first photo!

  38. by Run DMT on February 29, 2012  11:32 am Reply

    Those are AMAZING shots! And now I will have the song "Golden Brown" stuck in my head for the rest of the day. ;-) Did you use a filter or edit these photos?

  39. by Jennfer on February 29, 2012  2:05 pm Reply

    These photos are gorgeous! Your timing on that water drop was perfect! On another note - it's so weird seeing Winter existing somewhere in the country, it's been warming up over here!

  40. by Gina on February 29, 2012  2:38 pm Reply

    What a fabulous place Kristi. Love that you captured that snow melting off!!!! Gorgeous!

  41. by Kimberly on February 29, 2012  4:31 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos! I love the softness of them. And the old building has a certain charm to it.

  42. by Cordial Chaos on February 29, 2012  10:28 pm Reply

    Beautiful shots! I really can't pick a favorite :)

  43. by Emily on February 29, 2012  11:37 pm Reply

    What a beautiful collection of images Kristi! I love the drop of melting snow and the last photo. Thank you for sharing!

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  45. by Allison on March 2, 2012  2:04 am Reply

    I love all of these shots I can't pick a favorite! You are so incredibly talented! thank you for posting these :)
    I missed linking up for the last week of the photo challenge :( but had fun the month of February with you all.

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